If you find a dead or observe an alive ringed bird carrying the Lithuanian metal ring, or if you find a dead or observe an alive ringed bird carrying any metal ring and/or any plastic/ colour ring (leg or neck ring, also wing tag, nasal (bill) mark, etc.) in the Lithuanian territory, please report the recovery data to the Lithuanian Bird Ringing Centre. 

1. Full inscription of the metal leg ring: (Example: XX21600. Zool Mus. Lithuania.)

2. Place of the metal ring:  right leg left leg unknown

More accurate location:  below knee above knee unknown

3. Other mark (plastic/colour ring, wing tag, nasal (bill) tag (sadle)):  found not found

If found, tick a corresponding square and write the code (inscription)

Right leg ring:  below knee above knee unknown
colour: , inscription (code):

Left leg ring:  below knee above knee unknown colour: , inscription (code):

Neck ring:
colour: , inscription (code):

Wing tag:  right wing left wing unknown
colour: , inscription (code):

Nasal (bill) tag (saddle):
colour : inscription (code):

4. Species of bird (if known) : (Example: Redpoll)

5. Sex of bird (if exactly known):  male female unknown

6. Age of bird (if known):

7. Date:

if exactly known : [years]-[month]-[day]

if approximately :

8. Finding place::

Location (a name of village, town, etc.):

County/province :

Country :

9.Coordinates of finding place (WGS format):

In the map you should find an accurate location of the bird discovery and to click of the location with the left bottom of the mouse:

Marker at: none
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10. Condition of bird:

11. Circumstances (please choose from the list):

12.Circumstances:  no doubt about the circumstances circumstances presumed

13. Additional information (anything that could be important or interesting):

14. Please attach a picture (photo) of the bird if you have.:

15. Finder (if you prefer to be unknown you may not provide the information below). If you write your e-mail the Lithuanian Bird Ringing Centre will inform you of all known information concerning the recovered or observed ringed bird.).


Family name:


or postal address :

Enter the security code captcha (privaloma):

Please check carefully that all information is correct.
Every report concerning the recovery data of ringed birds is valuable and welcome!